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Tiago Majuelos & Bacoa

"the classical Greco-Roman culture and its mythology have been an unstoppable stream of inspiration"

Tiago Majuelos has a finger in every pie. He has worked for Nike, Pull & Bear, Urban Outfitters and many more, also illustrating articles for Vice, the most interesting media of the moment. His style differs by using classic references adapted to the digital world of 2020, animated and full color, just like he has done in our Spring Fanzine. A particular vision that can recall us the basic Paint. A particular vision, evoking us the most primitive art, where you don’t need paraphernalias to create artworks.

If we catch the DeLorean, visit young Tiago and we tell him that in the future he would be an illustrator. What would he tell us?

Although you would surely catch young Tiago drawing, he would never have believed he could do a job of his passion. In fact, the teenage or university Tiago would not believe it either. Drawing and painting has always been an entertainment and a therapy, it has been with me all my life and it is incredibly great to be able to work on it professionally.

Right now, you work as an illustrator exclusively or do you combine it with other works?

I work most of the time as an illustrator, but I still spend a few hours a week working as a freelance technical industrial engineer, which is what I studied.

Do you remember your first commission?

Yes, it was an editorial project for AFFAIRE and it was very cool to come up with ideas and receive feedback, building a mini visual universe to illustrate the article, with its characters, settings, and metaphors. I really enjoyed it, and Pep’s art direction was great.

And the first one to stick and launch your career?

My personal works were the ones that stuck and were published in specialized blogs, therefore serious international commissions started to come. One of the first, which I was especially excited, was an illustration for the New York Times.


Tiago Majuelos & Bacoa

‘I think I have never had an obsession, but there are many elements that I repeat, such as smileys or columns, or giving life to inanimate objects, putting eyes and mouths on them’

Let’s talk about inspiration. What were you thinking about when you started designing our fanzine cover?

I thought about spring, with its flowers and that strength, about doing something fun and of course, your burgers. I really enjoy working with the impact of color, creating 2D element compositions and mixing classic elements with others much more casual.and funnier.

We can see many classical Greco-Roman references in your works. Is it temporary or is it here to stay?

Since I visited Rome, the classical Greco-Roman culture and its mythology have been an unstoppable stream of inspiration, which I hope it never ends.

Do you have any national reference that you want to highlight?

Michael Swaney has been a very important reference in my life, he has taught me the importance of having fun at work. I also have to name Luís Mazón, who stripped me of my fears with 4 wise words, they are both great friends and their works are amazing. I also like what Cristina Daura, Numi and Dirty 1984 do, without forgetting Sawe, Yime or Nacho Eterno who have already worked with you and are amazing too.

Tell us which project would be a dream come true if you were able to participate.

I dream about painting a giant mural in a building and making an animated video clip for some of my favorite artists 🙂

To wrap up, something we always ask… What is your favorite food?

A good steak tartar with a spicy touch 😀