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This summer, new vegan burger!

Roast Beet, delicious beetroot and quinoa burger

Hamburguesa vegana remolatxa Barcelona

Roast Beet

Beetroot and quinoa vegan burger, with grilled beets, our barbecue sauce and homemade vegan alioli, just brutal!

We are sick of hearing that vegetables are boring. At Bacoa we have gone further and created a new awesome vegan burger, made of beetroot and quinoa. As always, handmade in our kitchen with real ingredients.

Before launching it, we prepared a little Test Kitchen for our best fans. We organized a contest through Bacoa Friends and selected 10 lucky people to taste the new vegan burger and give us their opinion.

They didn’t know that the burger they’re trying was vegan and they’re amazed by its flavour. Verdict? Don’t miss their reactions in the video!

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Try it at any of our gourmet burger restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid.