Bacoa & the Zephyr Bones, the sound of the Beach Wave
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The Zephyr Bones & Bacoa

We like to learn and discover music through sound experimentation and trial and error.

The Zephyr Bones & Bacoa

Secret Place (La Castanya, 2017) is their first album, a fresh and very particular sound, that they’ve self-proclaimed as “beach wave”.

Psychedelia without licking toads, sunscreen without getting sand on your feet and holidays without getting up from the office chair. An energetic and luminous sound that they’ve coined “beach wave”, will be cruising the airwaves this year at festivals such as Primavera Sound or Vida.

Where do you see yourself in four years?

Giving a concert in Hawaii, without electric guitars or reverbs, only the magic of the island and the tropical “beach wave”.

A little bird told us that you’re very DIY and you record in your own studio.

That’s right, we’ve always worked hard in self-production, we record in our studio ‘Eclectic Echo Lab’. We like to learn and discover music through sound experimentation and trial and error, in a way it’s double the work, but the results are worth it.

Beside tons of reverb, is there anything essential for The Zephyr Bones when it comes to playing at PS18?

Tons of chorus and a good continental breakfast (we call it the ‘surfers breakfast’, it’s our morning ritual based on fruit smoothies because they help us put on a fresh and tasty concert).

Who is your audience?

Our public are generally full spirited post-teenagers, but lately we´ve also seen people of all ages and different styles. Our music is quite eclectic, so we don´t mind having only one type of audience.

Your ‘Beach Wave’ sounds like Tame Impala, in flip-flops and smeared in sunscreen, what are your influences?

Our main influence is the music of the 60’s, the ‘Beach Boys’, ‘The Zombies’, ‘The Ventures’ and the psychedelia of that time. The four of us have pretty varied tastes from contemporary jazz to electronics and even heavy metal.

The Zephyr Bones & Bacoa

With their classical training of two guitars, bass and drums, this half Chilean, half Catalan quartet transmits a lot. After making their debut in 2015 with their first EP and surprise hit "Black Lips", they released their first LP 'Secret Place' in 2017.
[Photo of Alba Yruela]


The Endless Summer. We suppose that the surf thing comes from the Chilean waves of Valparaiso, because in Barcelona there’s only surf in winter…

Barcelona has the perfect balance of weather and that “endless summer” vibe that we love from the Mediterranean coast. A perfect mix between memories of home and the feeling of new horizons to discover.

How did you meet Bacoa?

I (Brian) have always told the Zephyr to go to Bacoa, on many occasions. I’ve probably gone at least 50 times, and for sure I’ll go back 50 more!

Your mothers will want to know if you eat well when you go on tour.

Strangely enough, on tour we mostly eat burgers.

What’s something that needs to be said? Too much plastic in the sea, maybe?

People care too much about Instagram and social networks, to share and show their ‘followers’ anything just to become more popular. As a band we have to use these platforms since everything moves around them, however, we believe that this virtual world should be closer to reality and actually increase the awareness of everyone to improve the world we live in.