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Ricardo Cavolo & Bacoa

"Those who copy have to be at the expense of what the rest are going to do"

Ricardo Cavolo was born in Salamanca around the 1980s. We know that he started drawing the very first day he was given a pad and a pencil, influenced by that stimulating and cheeky decade. He didn’t stop drawing ever since, which led him to become an illustrator with his own style and to build a colourful and burning pop legend after his name.

You prepared quite a cinephile, mysterious and Halloween-inspired cover for the Bacoa Fanzine Autumn Edition. What was your inspiration?

I am very interested in Japan and its culture, lately. And thus, in manga and anime. I am inspired by all the manga universe of a few decades ago: Osamu Tezuka and Shigeru Mizuki, among others.

Eyes, hearts, and fire. These are undoubtedly part of your personal signature:

What or who would you set on fire?

A priori, I am not a violent person, but then I think of some political party members and fire would be a solution.

Who do you think doesn’t have a heart?

Not as many people as we think lacks a heart. But, once again, I think of politicians and I don’t see much heart there.

Who do you look longingly at when you need inspiration?

Lately, at the comic and cartoon culture in general.

You have a lot of flow and Zara knows it, but you also are aware, as you have recently launched a clothing brand. Who is this brand for?

The truth is that we want to create a clothing brand with the clothes I would like to wear myself. I understand that my artistic world can connect with more people out there, but it’s not our aim to connect more with one sector than with another. The more, the better. And more beautiful.

We’ve also seen your designs in book covers, you even wrote an autobiography.

I’ve always been interested in the publishing world. I think that creating books is one of the most beautiful and dignifying things you can do. I try to create things like this as much as I can.

Even a tarot! Tell us what’s your relationship with the esoteric, religious and mystical world that we can see in your work.

I actually don’t have a very close relationship with the esoteric world. I’m interested in tarot as art. I’ve always believed that symbology is significantly used in tarot, and that’s always been of great interest for my own work.

Ricardo Cavolo & Bacoa

"I always try to bring a social message with my work. It's basically the driving force that leads me to create things"

We were born in 2010 and since then people have been copying us everywhere. We can see that your work has also been plagiarised a looooot of times. What do you feel when you see your art copied?

I try to think of it as something positive. If someone copies you, it’s because you are creating something that others think is good. In addition, I always think that the problem it’s on the ones who copy. I more or less know what I’m going to do next, but those who copy have to be at the expense of what the rest are going to do.

It’s a compliment. An exception is when the plagiarists are companies, as they have the financial capacity to pay the artist of the original work.

Your art is a splash of colour, but is there any colour that you don’t use or try to avoid?

I think green is the colour I use the least. For no reason. I’m sure that in ten years’ time I will only be using green.

We always bet on real things, and there’s nothing more real than getting your own art tattooed. What is people’s reaction to your tattoos if they don’t know you?

I actually don’t know. They are all very personal, so I try to speak discuss this topic as little as possible ^_^

What do you think is the role of self-esteem in this world?

The art world? Self-esteem if key in order to be able to do an honest art performance. If you don’t believe in yourself and in what you want to say, your art won’t be true to yourself.

And social media?

It is important in order to be able to show your work, like a window. But you cannot count on social networks as a solution to make your career. They are just another tool.

Lastly, something we usually ask… what’s your favourite food? 

I am from Salamanca, and there, meat is almost a religion. So, I would say a steak.