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"Behind REC there is a team of more than 20 professionals, mainly female (75% of the team are women)" Xavi García Puerto

Calling all cinema fans! The 21st International Film Festival will take place in December in Tarragona. If you are craving the best independent cinema of the moment then you cannot miss this appointment!

How did the festival start?

The festival started as the dream of a group of University and city friends who loved cinema and cultural action. They wondered why an active city like Tarragona didn’t have a festival like the ones they enjoyed going to. From there, they set about coming up with ideas, asking young directors to participate, and the first edition (in 2001) was full of excitement, hope, little money and a lack of experience, that was compensated for with energy and a very spontaneous, open, and collective vision of what a cultural celebration should be.  Over time, this proposal kept growing and getting stronger. Now, it’s been the film festival of the area for years.

Who’s behind this project?

The Festival is organised by PLAY Acció Cultural, a non-profit cultural association which was created to bring the Festival to life but over the decades has also developed educational, cultural, and outreach projects in collaboration with several international institutions (Creative Europe, Erasmus  +, etc). Looking at the human side of it, behind REC there is a team of more than 20 professionals, mainly female (75% of the team are women), specialised in different areas: programming, production, communication, protocol, etc.

REC Tarragona
REC Tarragona
REC Tarragona
REC Tarragona

Pics by Jaime Rojas

What can we find in this 2021 edition?

In 2021 we will present the best selection of current, independent, bold, and young cinema worldwide, presenting the best talents on screen. We will have with us creators that will present their work to the audience, and many other activities. In addition, we have space for all kinds of audiences: from the most casual screening in the “Vermouth Sessions”, premieres in the “Opera Prima Competition”, debates, or even  showings for the whole family, with MiniREC.  I am sure that anyone who likes films or who would like to participate in a community activity, will be able to find their spot in this 21st edition of the Festival.

How will this next edition be held, given the current situation?  (COVID, restrictions, venue capacities, etc.)

We have the experience of 2020, a challenge that we more than overcame. We were able to create a safety bubble for all of the audiences that visited us, with bigger spaces and with all safety measures. We also thought about the people that weren’t able to visit the venue, creating an online version of the Festival, with different programmings. With both versions we exceeded more than 60,000 viewers. In 2021, we will present a very close, special and cheerful festival in the city, and another one in parallel and with other programming via online platforms. This allows all kinds of audiences to attend, and REC fans will have almost two festivals to enjoy!

When and where is it held?

REC Festival will be held in Tarragona (and other surrounding areas) between the 1st and 8th of December, in conjunction with the headquarters in Teatre Tarragona, and in other emblematic spaces of the city such as  l’Antiga Audiència or Teatret del Serrallo.