Bacoa Burger - Pirinat, our 100% organic beef
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Our Organic Beef

“It is really important that the customers know what they are eating. They can come here and see how we work and what we do. It is difficult to find something more transparent than tha.” Raimon

Hambuguesa clásica de ternera ecológica - Bacoa

All our burgers come with 200g of high quality beef. Always char-grilled, fresh to order and never frozen.

At Bacoa we take very seriously the quality of our products, especially our organic beef (you can ask Enric how annoying we can be…). Pirinat is one of our main providers, specialized in 100% organic beef, sourced from the Catalan Pyrinees breed, born and raised outdoors in the region of Ripollès.

We talked with Enric and Raimon, two brothers and founders of Pirinat about their philosophy of breeding high quality cattle in a healthy sustainable way. We love their work!

Not only is their beef delicious because of its healthy life living outdoors, drinking spring water and eating fresh grass, it’s also healthier for you and the Planet.


Our Organic Beef
Our Organic Beef
Our Organic Beef

Enric and Raimon focus on sustainability and animal quality of life. The animals are not fed hormones, antibiotics or chemical additives of any kind, so they grow strong naturally outdoors in the mountains. The result is a meat rich in flavour but also in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins and vitamins.

“We connected instantly when we met the guys from Bacoa. Passion and falling in love with what you do is what makes us different from other companies. And I believe it’s the same with Bacoa, when you go to their restaurants, you feel that there is love and dedication behind and that’s what makes the difference.” Enric

Proximity and transparency are two very important values in this profession because these days most people don’t know where their food comes from. We think this is something that is important and we always welcome any questions about our products.