Philosophy of Bacoa

Bacoa is the new generation of fast food.
We make everything by hand because we know, and hope you agree, real food tastes better.

Born in Barcelona, Bacoa is based on two fundamental Mediterranean cooking principles: hand-made quality and patience. This way of working with an innovative fast ordering service, has built our philosophy: fast food, slow process.

We are passionate about using premium ingredients and cooking everything by hand. Whether it’s our homemade sauces (such as the Roasted Tomato Ketchup, Salsa Brava, Aioli, our Mustard or Black Truffle Mayo), the hand rolled buns or our fries, that we cut each day and are never frozen. We work with the best meat, ice-cream and bread suppliers in Barcelona who are essential for bringing our recipes to life. Every detail counts.

Why bother though? It would be easier and cheaper to use industrial products, readily available in plastic bottles, like most others do, but for us using additives and food processing is no substitute for real cooking.

We are chefs, not chemists!

Ingredients of Bacoa

Real food tastes better, because of quality ingredients like...

Home made pickles

Traditional recipe with tarragon vinegar.

Mostaza Artesana Bacoa Mostaza Artesana Bacoa

Artisan mustard

Hand made in our kitchen.

Patata Agria de la Rioja - Bacoa Patata Agria de la Rioja - Bacoa

‘Agria’ Potatoes

Spanish potatoes, from La Rioja.

Cogollos de lechuga Bacoa Burger Cogollos de lechuga Bacoa Burger

Cos lettuce

Freshly cos lettuce.

Purple onions

A Spanish variety of onion, from Figueres. Purple in colour with a sweet flavor.