Bacoa Burger - We talk with the illustrator Perrine Honoré
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Perrine Honoré & Bacoa

I love the atmosphere of this city, relaxed and dynamic at the same time. Also, It´s the epicentre of artists and designers.

Perrine Honoré & Bacoa

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Few artists have as much personality and are as authentic as Perrine Honoré, the illustrator of our Spring Fanzine. Her spontaneity gives a lot of life to her fun characters and fills spaces with tropical colors where there was nothing before but a desert of white sand.

What’s been the journey so far?

I had always wanted to live in Barcelona. So, after my graphic design career in Paris, I decided to move here to study a master’s degree. When I arrived, I had to learn to speak Spanish and create a professional network. Little by little I got in contact with artists, studios, magazines, stores and I did some very cool and fun projects.

Well, we can assure you that your art is very popular in Barcelona. Do you want to stay or is there another destination in mind?

Yes, at least for now my plan is to stay. Since I arrived, Barcelona has given me, and still gives me, many opportunities to develop my career as an illustrator, artist and designer. I´ve been lucky to meet wonderful people who have believed in me and have supported me. I love the atmosphere of this city, relaxed and dynamic at the same time. Also, It´s the epicentre of artists and designers.

You’re into fashion, graphic design, photography, animation, collage and many other things we’re sure. It seems that you’ve decided to focus illustrating, is this where you feel more comfortable?

Yes, illustration is the area in which I feel most comfortable, it allows me the greatest freedom to express and to reveal my thoughts. I like to explore new techniques, styles and new stories!

Perrine Honoré & Bacoa

Full of colour and freshness!

What’s the biggest project you’ve been involved in so far?

The project I would highlight (it wasn’t the biggest one, but rather the one I was most excited about) was the mural I painted at the Miscelanea Gallery in July. It was my first time painting on a large scale and I loved it. Since then, more mural projects have started coming along.

How did you find out about our contest?

Two friends, from Colombia and Peru, that I used to go to Bacoa with, sent me the details. I sent my proposal that same day!

Well, it was hard for us to choose from the many artists who also entered. Is there anyone local that you find particularly talented?

There are so many Spanish designers and illustrators with styles that I love. Among many others, I especially like studios such as Cocolia or Hey Studio, I love independent publishers like Lentejas Press and illustrators like Egle Zvirblyte, Nacho Eterno …

Admit it, you’d been partying pretty hard when you created the cover…

Hahaha, actually not, even sober I come up with all kinds of craziness!

What are your next steps?

I have some projects as a freelance and soon I’ll be joining a studio, also I spend much of my free time on more personal projects. I have a small collective with the illustrator Titeepex called La Papada. I’m preparing an exhibition for July, again at Miscelanea and in August I’m painting a mural with Contorno Urbano.