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"Your steps are your inspiration; art is on your feet"

Mismatched, torn, discoloured… Socks have always been completely forgotten, but in Pacifc & Co they have been bringing them back to life since 2013. Their founders, Aixa Sanuy and Lidia Ansio, create pieces full of life and colour, inspired by the immensity of the ocean, the loneliness of the desert, and the noise of the city.
This spring, we joined them to launch veeeery cool socks, illustrated by Anana Revuelta, matching the last edition of our Fanzine.

You created Pacific&Co in 2013, how did you come up with the idea of bringing socks to life?
We were 25/26 years old and we were living in a very challenging financial period. The 2008 crisis had an impact on the job market for years, and we had just graduated from University, so we were really affected (similar to the current situation). In 2013, we shared a flat in the Gracia neighbourhood and we were both employed, but we weren’t well. We shared our love for fashion, sneakers, and art, so one thing led to another, we joined forces and after spending a month travelling together around Thailand getting inspiration and taking photos, in December 2013 we launched our first collection.

What’s your inspiration and creation process when you design socks? Is there any sport related to them?
After almost 8 years, we have gone through several phases in this sense. At first, we were greatly inspired by nature, especially botany and animals. We travelled to inhospitable places to take catalogue photos and those trips inspired us for the next collections. We went to jungles, islands, the dessert… looking for inspiration and special spots. We went to Tokyo, Thailand, Malaysia… to take catalogue photos, we love Asian culture! Now, we have a more urban and sporty style. We get inspired by streetstyle, the daily inputs, our city, and most of all, we love to meet and collaborate with inspiring artists.

Apart from your own designs, you have collaborated with many artists like Nacho Eterno, Rion, or Marco Oggian to create exclusive collections. Which one would you say it’s your favourite?
Yes, and that’s our favourite part. To be able to collaborate with artists and create synergy. We really respect the artists’ work and when we collaborate with them, we go whenever we can to their studio to get to know their work closely. We take some pictures in action and we create promotional material that brings you closer to the artists, beyond the product. We like to get to know the artists, that they get to meet us and that they feel comfortable with the collaboration. It’s not only designing socks.
Choosing one of these designs? We can’t, we like them all! But we must say that this collaboration with Bacoa and Anana is something special: the designs, the packaging, and the small details led to an incredible product.

Pacific and Co & Bacoa

What would be your advice for someone that wants to launch their own brand?
We would tell them to innovate, to not copy, to trust their skills, to be patient, to respect other brands, and to spend time analysing. All the creative part of the product is important, but it is also important to analyse the numbers, the market, and the viability of your project.

Any artist you would like to work with?
There are many artists that we love and we would like to do things together with. But let’s dream and say Cleon Peterson, Felipe Pantone, or Steven Harrington. But we really feel like collaborating with another brand now, to create a new product together that involves both brands and that goes beyond just socks.

The socks from our amazing collection should be worn with sneakers that are up to them, which ones would you wear?
Our socks go really well with skate sneakers, like Vans Old School, Nike Dunk Low, Nike Janoski… and if you dare, with some Adilette flip-flops (socks&sandals). We would wear this collaboration with some Vans Slip On, a must for summer!

You are two restless creative souls that cannot stop creating. Apart from designing socks, you also weave rugs. Tell us more about Not Another Classic Rug.
Not Another Classic Rug is our favourite escape route, and this is how it was born. This project started during the March/April Lockdown in 2020. Stopping during those months reset our minds, and we started thinking about a lot of things. One of them was the need of investing time away from the Mac and handcrafting again. We thought about rugs and started investigating so we could create our own. And then, since once we start something, we have to finish it, we got the ball rolling and started experimenting and spending time creating amazing rugs. A whole new world was open: new techniques, materials, and possibilities of creating on a large scale.

What was your craziest project?
Our craziest stories are always linked to travelling. We remember a pretty crazy story that happened around 2018. We filled a hand suitcase with socks and went to Bangkok to take catalogue photos. The trip was not the crazy thing. We had talked via Line with three models and a photographer there to take the photos. We closed the whole shooting with them from Barcelona: date, time, and place. Believing that they would be there that day, we went to Bangkok. We were crossing our fingers on our way there so everything turned out right. On the day of the shooting we went to the meeting point in Chinatown, and 15 minutes after, all of them arrived. It was a crazy shooting around all the alleys and corners of Chinatown, there was a lot of noise, smell, and people. But in the end, we got incredible photos and 4 friends 🙂

Lastly, a must question: what’s your favourite food?
Aixa: Green Curry, Thai dish.
Lidia: A rice Green Bowl, edamame, wakame, broccoli, spinach, avocado… yum!