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Our biodegradable packaging

Most of our packaging is 100% biodegradable. Our war on plastic has already begun.

Our biodegradable packaging

The compostable nature of these materials means that they decompose within a few months, instead of floating thousands of years in the sea killing fish, birds and mammals.

Meet our supplier Pinesga.

Bacoa is a new kind of company; we don’t like a “business as usual” attitude of suits and dollars signs in the eyes. But on the contrary, we believe in a different way of doing things. For us, every business, no matter how small it is, has a duty to be transparent and do everything it can to improve the World we live in.

Brad, co-founder of Bacoa, grew up on the east coast of Australia, with the Ocean as his playground. “I surfed my first wave when I was 12 years old, since that day I’ve been in love with the Sea. I have always had a deep connection to it as most surfers’ do, it’s a fundamental part of my life”. We are sure everyone feels the same way: the ocean is a very special place and we must protect it.

However, year by year about 8 million tons of plastic make their way to our seas and oceans, with predictions of up to 155 million metric tons by 2025. While we understand this is a cheap and very practical material, it’s making the sea uninhabitable and that’s unacceptable.


Our biodegradable packaging
Our biodegradable packaging
Our biodegradable packaging

Our containers are made of PLA, sugar cane bagasse and recycled papers, both sustainable and 100% biodegradable materials.

Bacoa is only a small restaurant chain, but we cannot stand by and do nothing. We really want a war on plastic so we have started immediately with our own pledge:

-Switching all take away packaging, cutlery and cups to biodegradable materials only. We are already 90% there.

-All food recipients that cannot be reused in our kitchens are washed and recycled.

This is just the beginning and we are always open to any cool ideas, thoughts or collaborations for making this movement a reality.