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Núria Toll & Bacoa

"It’s always good to bring some nature to the pavement of the city!"

Geometrical universes inhabited by cheerful exotic animals, clean and balanced compositions and a unique pastel colour range. If you know the one-of-a-kind style of Núria Toll, you know what we are talking about. We fell for her art and her exceptional way to see the world from the very beginning. We really wanted her to bring colour to one of our walls, so we got in touch with her and proposed illustrating a wall of the astonishing height of 6 m in Bacoa Gavarres (Tarragona), a big challenge that Núria accepted with no hesitation. One again, she’s left us stunned. 

What was your inspiration for the Bacoa Gavarres mural? 

The surface is very large and eye-catching, so I wanted to create that effect in the final design. In addition, a mural always must be aesthetically consistent with its environment, as it stands out more than a painting would do, for example. Having in mind the type of decoration that the establishment would have, I tried to create something to harmonise with that environment. Its colours made me lean towards the tigers.

Talking about wild animals, they normally star in most of your pieces. Why?

I love painting, but I also enjoy the previous process of synthesising forms to make them recognizable. I think animals are super interesting in that sense and they work very well when it comes to creating compositions. Also, it’s always good to bring some nature to the pavement of the city!

We’ve seen that you also make customised pet prints. Tell us a bit of how it works. What was the most curious assignment you’ve ever received?

Yes, it’s something that I’m doing on an occasional basis. It’s about creating customised vector illustrations from pictures people send to me. These small projects are very nice and special, and I also enjoy myself a lot when doing them.

The most curious thing is the material I receive… I always ask them to show me a toy, necklace or something representative of the pet in order to make it more recognisable. It also helps me customise the illustration. Then, people always send a spate of pictures and videos like “look, it jumps very high” or “it always sits this way”, and I think that’s hilarious.

Núria Toll & Bacoa

“My style is mainly defined by the graphic design and my education, and that’s reflected in the fonts I use and in the vector illustrations (in this case, applied to the wall). My references are way more related to the world of lettering or graphic novel than to graffiti, for example.
My background in the world of design deeply marks what I do and how I do it, and this is reflected in the final outcome. In fact, I create my compositions and illustrations first on the computer, and then I pass them to the wall.”


You studied graphic design and illustration, when did you decide to jump into the world of graffiti and street art?

I’ve always been interested in all the artistic disciplines. Anything creative catches my eye and arouses curiosity, so I ended up trying the spray for that reason. But actually, what hooked me the most was the large format and the fact of painting in the street. We are very lucky to live in Barcelona which has a lot of free walls to paint (through Wallspot), and that opened a whole new world!

How would you define this sector? What difficulties have you encountered?

The creative sector is difficult, in general. It’s difficult for people to see it as more than a hobby and to understand that they have to pay for it. It seems that if you enjoy what you do that’s enough… and that’s not the case. It’s not always recognised as it should. However, it’s also true that lately there are a lot of brands and companies that are betting high on street art and muralism and we receive remunerated projects that are very gratifying.

You are also starting in the world of fashion, customising jackets and shirts. How do you feel with this type of format?

The idea is to keep experimenting with new techniques and mediums, and I love to see my designs in other contexts. I’m a very restless person and I’m unable to do the same thing for a long time… Currently I’m doing denim jackets, but I’m sure that in a few months I’ll bring myself to other formats!

Lastly, a must question: what’s your favourite food?

Pizza or burger! And it’s not to fawn on you… the people who know me can corroborate 😛