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"I’m mainly interested in drawing things that make me laugh"

Nestor was born an artist. He has worked for Netflix, the European Parliament, Playground Fire, Prime Video, Salamandra Ediciones, etc. He is also the author of comics such as Infame or Mediocre, and short films such as Las Batallitas del Abuelo, Funny or Morado. In addition, he is the co-founder of the self-publishing fair Gutter Fest, and of the publisher Bemba Ediciones. He’s restless!
We fell for his colourful illustrations and his sense of humour a long time ago. Since we are such fans of his comic strips, we order a couple for Bacoa.

Seemingly innocent, your comic strips are full of satirical humour (which we actually love), a protest or just for fun?

I’m mainly interested in drawing things that make me laugh. Sometimes I complain or report things, but well, the silliest the joke, the better.

In Nestor’s universe, we find all kind of characters, what inspires you? What motivates you to create?

Ideas appear every day, like when something crosses your mind and you think about it for a while, trying to dig into it to see what’s underneath.

Who would you say are your references?

I think you can tell I’m a big fan of David Shrigley. Rocio Quillahuaman is another referent for me. We live together, we share everything, and it’s a constant inspiration. The fact that she’s my wife may have something to do with that. Other referents are friends such as Alexis Nolla, Roberta Vázquez, Molg H., Sergi Puyol, and many more.

Néstor F & Bacoa
Néstor F & Bacoa

You have a multidisciplinary profile: Illustration, comic, animation, short films, etc. What field do you feel more comfortable with?

I feel comfortable drawing and animating films, because you don’t have to talk to anybody nor depend on other people to carry out your ideas. Yes, I love to lock myself at home.

You have directed several short films, for which you have gathered some awards. You have also directed music videos such as “Nuevo Verano” by Amaia, apart from many animated films. When did you start directing? Tell us a bit more about your journey.

When I was 20, I was very ambitious and I had a suitcase full of dreams (sic), and I wanted to be a film director. I started with some short films for contests, I won some of them and I thought I could continue like that forever… but the truth is that I’m a lazy person and not very constant, and my scripts weren’t longer than one page. Then, I boarded the train of video edition, especially for online media, the real job that’s been paying my bills these years. During lockdown I started drawing again, inspired by Shrigley and following Rocio’s advice. Then, I did a “fan mode” music video for La Estrella de David, and Amaia saw it and since she’s such a nice person she asked me to do the “Nuevo Verano” music video to close the circle of her first album. I only had two weeks to do it, but it was whort it. Although I’m not very constant, I still draw whilst I edit videos. Let’s see if one day the first overtakes the second.

What was your first professional project? And the one you are most proud of?

I would say that my first professional project was publishing a couple of comics in 2012. Although I fondly remember that time, I realised that making a living out of comics in this country would be hard and not profitable, that’s why I decided that it would just be a hobby, and I still had fun making fanzines. The projects I’m most proud of until now are the music videos I did in 2020 for La Estrella de David and Amaia.

To wrap up, a must question in our interviews: what’s your favourite food?

My mother-in-law’s ají de gallina.