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Nacho Eterno & Bacoa

"The creative level here is very high and that inspires you to be active"

For this last edition of our Fanzine, we’ve had the pleasure to feature the art of Nacho Eterno, one of the cities best in illustration or tattoo. Among his art we can find animals and mythology made with heavy lines, urban with a touch of indigenous, where curves and bright colours have a leading role. It’s a unique and casual new style that fits with everything.

Where did you get the inspiration to design the cover of the summer fanzine?

The idea was to do something fun and casual. A cat doing a barbecue, a puppy with a beach ball… the classic summer we all know haha.

Your art is very flashy and knows no intellectual boundaries: you work mostly as a tattooist, but you have also done murals and clothing, and you’ve even published a book with Mia Cassany. Which discipline do you feel most comfortable with?

I believe that each one has its charm, but I feel more comfortable painting murals or painting my personal stuff, where there are no rules.

Which of your works make you most proud?

Right now, what I’m most happy with is the pillar I painted at a festival in Rotterdam at the beginning of June.

What would Nacho do if he weren’t an artist?

Mmm … well I don’t know … I always knew I would work on something related to drawing, but I really like to cook.

Torreznos, roasted lamb, garlic soup … What have you found in Barcelona that didn’t exist in Valladolid?

Well, countless things … I always wanted to live in Barcelona, the creative level here is very high and that inspires you be active.

Nacho Eterno & Bacoa

You can now get the summer fanzine, illustrated by Nacho, in any of our establishments.

Although you’ve settled in Barcelona, you travel a lot, mostly for requests of tattooing. Where else would you like to settle for a bit?

There are many places where I would like to stay, but I know I would end up coming back to Barcelona.

According to the RAE, something eternal has no beginning or end. Regarding the End, we we already know it’s turning out well. But tell us about your beginning.

I started painting graffiti with friends, first I did words but then I started making more and more characters. I studied Graphic Design in Valladolid (my hometown) and at the same time I jumped into the world of tattoo. Later I came to study an illustration master’s degree in Barcelona and started tattooing professionally.

One of our first Fanzines was illustrated by Edjinn, and he said you were one of the best artists at the time- in this interview. In fact, you’ve collaborated with his clothing brand Caradura. Who would you say a local artist you admire?

There are too many good artists in this city, it would be too difficult to name just one.