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Mr Simon & Bacoa

"I like to draw inspiration from the simple lines of primitive African iconography"

From afar, thick and geometric lines unravel the features of the characters, giving volume to their bizarre and slightly Cubists shapes. Close up, we can uncover the reason behind all of these urban paintings, which seem to be laid bare by the organic and irregular movement of his hand. In general, the work of this Valencian man temporarily settled in Madrid is dominated by black and white. We are, however, sometimes gifted with bright and lively colours, always in the background.  We specifically focused on this colour when we asked him to paint the mural.

Have you encountered any challenges, or do you have any anecdotes from working in Bacoa?

I felt very comfortable working here, but you always have to be aware of the times.  The main challenge was to properly combine both sections of the wall with the stairs in the middle.

What was your inspiration for Atocha’s mural?

I wanted to come up with a proposal with urban vibes, combining it with a couple of characters with burgers, a lot of lines and bright colours to spice the wall up a bit.

What were you listening to while painting it?

A mixture of Rock FM, our Spotify music, a little bit of jazz, and rap.

It is said that your art has a primitive beauty. How would you define it?

That may be true, I like to be inspired by the simple lines of primitive African iconography, in order to then break the figures and deconstruct the piece.

Keith Haring was influenced by Walt Disney, who likewise claimed a deep appreciation of Picasso. We can see a bit of them in your work, in general. What are your references?

They are indeed some of my influences, along with Kevin Bacon, Chillida, Léger, and a thousand more contemporary artists. I take what I like from their styles and I try to adapt it to mine.

Mr Simon & Bacoa

Aaron Feliu A.K.A. Mr Simon

By now, we already know what Mr Simon is capable of. But what about his alter ego, Aaron Feliu? What does he do?

He does graphic design. He is the Art Director at Agencia Player, an independent agency with a lot of style!

Tell us a bit about the work you are most proud of.

The small mural I made for the 10 Sentidos Festival was really cool and had a lot of movement… and, of course, I am hugely proud of the outcome of Bacoa’s mural. The painting is very cool, and the composition worked at both levels.

To finish with a good taste in your mouth, what’s your favourite dish?

I am a huge fan of pasta, although I must confess I am a true carnivore, so burgers are also in my top 10.