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Lucky Luchino & Bacoa

"If you are actually happy you don’t have time for prejudices."

We were looking for our Number 1 fan, to get tattooed La Bacoa. You went crazy and we received a lot of clients messages, thirsty of ink and burgers. The tattooist in command was the great Luca Cóspito, AKA Lucky Luchino, a black and white tattoo legend. The tattooed winner of the contest, a young promise of kitchen, becoming the burger next to a fried egg also painted on his leg. Watch the video in this link.

You always say that you started with the Guide of Horigianca. What is that guide and how did it help you? 

Horigianca (Giancarlo Oneto) is an Italian tattoo artist, outstanding for many reasons, and he was the first person to make me believe that I could become a tattooist. He showed me the basic things so I could start, but, among everything, he inspired me with his passion and personality. When I met him I already wanted to start tattooing, but I didn’t think it was possible. I was fascinated by his experiences and adventures and I ended up being clear about what kind of person I wanted to become. That helped me overcome my fears. In life, you run into many people that leave a mark, influence or transform you. In my case, Horigianca is undoubtedly one of them, right behind my teacher of life, the Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda.


After 17 years, what would you say are the pros and cons of your work? 

It’s very easy to say what is the good and most important thing about my job: people, both clients and colleagues. Day by day I’m surrounded by people that make our job make sense.  Another good thing is that you can organise your life independently, and if you want you can travel a lot. Obviously, it’s also good to be constantly creating, but at the same time that’s the reason why we are under such pressure. It’s very difficult to innovate all the time and to have always something to communicate. That’s not bad but I’d say is the worst of my career.


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"I’m looking forward to doing different things all the time. I get bored very easily. Currently, I’m remaking some Old School drawings in my printing style and I hope to tattoo them very soon. "

Like a good tattooist, you are yourself covered in ink. Do you remember your first tattoo?

Yes, it’s a tattoo on my belly done with the traditional Japanese method tebori. The artist was, of course, Horigianca.

Any tattoo that you regret?

I have a couple of tattoos done by artists that didn’t make me feel comfortable over the session, so I don’t love those ones as much as the others, but I don’t regret any of them.

And the one you cherish the most?

That’s impossible to say. I couldn’t choose a favourite tattoo either. However, I’ve been told a lot of times that the tattoo that better defines me is the Charlie Brown done by the Roman artist (and friend) Disegnello.

We’ve all once said: this is the last one.   Why are tattoos so f*** addictive?

I could say what some scientific researches have proven: that it’s due to the high quantity of endorphins released in our body when we are being tattooed. But the truth is that I think it’s because they are f*** cool.

What about the other way around: any tattoo that you hate doing?

The truth is that right now I’m only tattooing designs that I’m interested in or that I fancy doing. In the past I hated doing tribal tattoos, I thought it was boring and I stopped doing them as soon as I could.

What would you say to the stigmas and prejudices about tattoos?

The same thing I would say to anyone who has prejudices about anything: make an effort to be happy and look inside yourself to find the reasons why you are not happy instead of blaming those who are different. If you are actually happy you don’t have time for prejudices.

Lastly, what’s your favourite food?

Wow, I could talk about this for hours!! Food is one of my greatest passions, I love both traditional and creative dishes from any corner of the world. You already know, of course, that I love burgers, but my mom’s milanese and my aunt’s tiramisu are unbeatable.