Bacoa Burger - Meet the Godall Farm, one of our suppliers
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Granja Godall

Homemade process, real zero-kilometer.

Granja Godall

Do you know where the delicious chorizo and catalan sausage relish from our Brutal Bravas comes from?

If you have tried our Bravas Brutales, we are sure you had fall in love with their delicious relish, made with chorizo and catalan sausage from Granja Godall.

Godall is a farm located in a bucolic rural area of Lleida, where meadows changing their color as time goes by, under the silhouettes of the Pre-Pyrenees. It’s as idyllic as it sounds and neither been any other way as its founder, Jesus Godall, tells us, “everything starts with the cultivation of the land“.

We chose to work with them because they opt for a closed production cycle. That means that they do everything themselves: they grow their own cereals, make the fodder, raise the pigs, making a  first quality sausages.

This way of working guarantees a really tasty meat, with healthy fats. A very exclusive artisan product, with the traditional taste, that gives that unique touch to our Bravas Brutales.