Bacoa Burger - We talk with the illustrators of Fundrawings
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Fundrawings & Bacoa

We inspire each other, one takes the other's idea or madness and transforms it into something unexpected.

Fundrawings & Bacoa

On their website you’ll find their latest works and projects. From illustrations for clothing brands, to vinyl and packaging design.

Fundrawings & Bacoa

It just takes a quick look to realize that Fundrawings, the artists of our winter Fanzine, have something special. In a world where elegance and minimalism stand out, you appear with a very cad style, full of psychedelic scrawls, casual and with a lot of humor.

Who is behind Fundrawings?

At the beginning we were 5 classmates that spent all classes drawing together, but right now we are two, Joaquin and Nacho putting in the hard yards. But we always try to get together to draw, which is what we enjoy the most.

You have worked for Thinking Mu, a brand with which we collaborate, but we can also see in your curriculum Natura, El Tibidabo and even a helmet for the motorcyclist Edgar Pons, son of the legendary Sito Pons. What work are you most proud of?

The truth is that we are proud of most of the projects we´ve done, but if we had to choose one, it would be our book ‘Artist Gang’. It’s a personal project in which we’ve been working for a long time and we are very happy that it’s published and available in shops and museums.

You have also designed posters for Holy Bouncer. Is there anything more than the most hippie face of psychedelia?

Well, we like rock, and all kinds of music in general. In addition, we like people who do their own thing and make it happen. We also support Barcelona’s up and coming musicians, we actually also make music too. Dale Berni!

Fundrawings & Bacoa

They always work as a team. They get together, pick up some papers or whatever, and start drawing on their own. One draws something and give the paper to the other who continues the drawing.

This is how they have fun and most of the drawings are born. The rule is not to erase anything, if one screw up, the next one manages to fix it.

Your drawings look like beer, skate and a mischievous afternoon with buddies. In fact, you are friends from high school, where you met. Why did you decide to go beyond painting scribbles on books?

Hahaha, totally! It started being a distraction in class and with time it was taking shape. We started to collect drawings and receive orders.

We studied our respective degrees, but Fundrawings was always there, and now, after finishing our studies, we´ve realise that this is really what we love: painting scribbles all daylong.

What inspires you?

One takes the other’s ideas or madness and transforms it into something unexpected, and so on… Obviously we are also inspired by the culture of skateboarding, surf, music … Many of our works also have a part of criticism, black humor or jokes.

And finally, how did you decide to enter the contest to illustrate our fanzine?

Well, one day we went to the Bacoa Barceloneta with our friends and saw Edjinn’s fanzine, we took it and saw the contest thing. We decided to send a proposal and here we are, it was straight. That week we sent our proposal and seems that you liked it, hahaha.