Bacoa & Edjinn, from walls to the pages of our Fanzine
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Edjinn & Bacoa

With the old video games, I feel a crazy desire to draw

Edjinn & Bacoa

In his web you will find a big part of his works, from Street Art, illustration, graphic design, even fashion. Don’t miss it!

He started at school scrawling the empty pages of his books. Now he gives colour to walls of more than 10 meters. Born in Barcelona, Edjinn lets his imagination run wild in any type of format, Street Art, illustration, graphic design, and even fashion.

Now it’s time to capture it in the pages of our autumn Fanzine, as the first winner of our illustration contest. All participants were high level and choosing only one made us sweat, but in the end Edjinn’s work convinced us.

Why did you decided to participate in the contest?

I’m a burger lover, and a regular at Bacoa. I still have at home the first Fanzine made by Sawe, by far one of the tops artists in Barcelona. As soon as I saw there was an opportunity to illustrate the fanzine, I didn’t think twice.

The level was very high, you can imagine how difficult was for us to choose the winner. What other artist from Barcelona do you admire?

Talking about just one particular city is a bit difficult because artists tend to go back and forth. Even though he’s not from Barcelona but has lived here for years, Nacho Eterno is in my opinion undoubtedly the artist of the moment.

Edjinn & Bacoa

Edjinn in action, by Clara Antón.

Do you want to illustrate our next fanzine? Here’s the deal.

You create in all kinds of formats. Is there a wall that can stop you?

Talking about sizes and formats, no. Although recently I’ve been painting bigger and bigger walls and the views from above, in a crane are quite impressive. What I do find more difficult these days is to paint illegally, as time passes by and my legs can’t run as fast as before hehehe.

No doubt, creativity is born not done, and you have it streaming through your veins, but sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration. Where do you look for it?

With the old video games, I feel a crazy desire to draw. The little definition of the graphics makes me wanna try to reinterpret them in my own way.

Besides being an artist, you’re also an entrepreneur and a little antsy. You just launched your own clothing brand … Tell us a more about the project.

Freelance life is not easy, you need to make a living and sometimes the numbers just don’t add up. About the clothing brand, I received requests and proposals to collaborate with other brands, and for some reason I didn’t end up happy with the results, so I decided to launch Cara Dura and do things my way. Right now we are working on the new collection, I can’t say too much but some really cool stuff is coming soon.

You are very into the trap scene in Barcelona. What ties you to this movement?

The clothing brand has a lot to do with this, also because I’d always been very involved in the street art world and the trap is just a consequence. Many trap singers also do graffiti, the city is pretty small and one thing just led to another.

What advice would you give to those who are just starting out?

Don’t obsess about the end, enjoy the ride.