Bacoa Burger - Bacoa at the Eat Street Summer Edition
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EAT STREET – Summer edition

Eat Street has a simple philosophy that you don't have to complicate things to eat well.

For the first time, we took our grill outdoors to one of Barcelona’s best Street Food events.

Our head chef Albert made 3 mini burgers inspired by the incredible pinchos of San Sebastián: Idiazábal cheese, piparras (a kind of spicy pepper from de North of Spain) and a piquillo pepper, bacon and Moritz Epidor beer chutney.

We had 3 types of mini burgers on offer: Organic Beef, Iberian Pork or a vegetarian option made with Shiitake Mushrooms.


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Eat Street takes place once a month in the Nau Bostik, an abandoned warehouse that has become a cultural reference in Barcelona.