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Do you want to illustrate our next fanzine?

Be the artist of our fanzine!

At Bacoa we love art, but we also know how tough it can be to make a living from it. We want to support the young artists who give color to our city, offering the opportunity to illustrate our next fanzine. Here’s the deal:

If you want to illustrate our fanzine, send us your portfolio or an illustration that defines you at [email protected].

If you win our hearts, we will contact you for the full job valued at 1.000€: 4 illustrations plus cover and back cover. Keep in mind that we print about 50,000 copies of each fanzine, which get exhibited at all our venues in Barcelona and Madrid. Considering we serve thousands of people everyday, that’s seriously good exposure! Of course you will be fully paid for your work and we’ll also publish an article about you and your artwork on our website.

You have until July 18 to send us your design. Good luck!