Bacoa Burger - Entrevista al ilustrador David Mendez
Bacoa People

David Méndez & Bacoa

"In Fine Arts they taught me to think and to theorize. Painting on the street I learned the value of "do it yourself" and to be constant"

David Méndez Alonso doesn’t need a pen-name, he is building a visual empire around his own name. Brands like Pepe Jeans, Levi’s, Adidas, Converse, Nissan, Reebok, G-Star and the most important of all, Bacoa (wink, wink), have bet on him because he has a casual, spontaneous pop style full of anarchist fantasy that bursts when biting. His blood is not red like the rest of mortals, is orient blue, red crab, absinthe yellow and Pipermint green.


Explain the cover you’ve done for our Autumn fanzine.

I don’t believe in literalness and narrative in art or my work. Everything I do tells a story but never in an obvious way. The cover describes an interior space orbited by hamburgers with legs, characters assiduous to Bacoa and elements that add perspective and depth to the drawings. If I had to imagine Bacoa in orange and black it would probably be very similar to the cover.

Your origins come from urban culture and street art, but you have a degree in Fine Arts, Communication Strategies and Art Direction. What do you get from each of the experiences?

In Fine Arts they taught me to think and to theorize. Painting on the street I learned the value of “do it yourself” and to be constant. As for Art Direction, the perspective and the way to approach a project, I realized that nothing I did made sense if I didn’t work with different formats. And about Communication and Advertising, the only thing I learned is that I didn’t want to work in an agency or in an office, and that I wasn’t too interested in that world.

And if you were not an artist, what would you do?

I don’t know, I would like to design amusement parks, for example.

David Méndez & Bacoa

David has held exhibitions in different parts of the world such as the United Kingdom or Mexico. He tells us that he has an emotional connection with London, it is a city with which he has a lot of bounds and from which he receives the most work. The next step ... maybe Seoul?

What is Outsiders Division and what role does David Méndez fit in?

Outsiders Division is a clothing brand that presents two collections a year in MBFWM (Cibeles) and, as a statement, seeks to find the best version of oneself. We try to work with opposite concepts that together create a harmony. My involvement with the brand is daily and constant since its requiring me more and more time, it is like watching your child grow up.

We love the Carhartt set that C.Tangana wears in Avida Dollars. Have you worked with the styling of more artists?

Now, I’m only working with Brays Efe designing their looks for events, special occasions and many more things that are to come. We have designed and given some clothes for artists but with Brays we have an emotional bond and let’s say that we will accompany him whenever he let us.

Which are your references?

International fashion: Walter van Beirendonck, Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, Raf Simons, Nigel Cabourn, Comme des Garcons, and I could be mentioning designers until the end of the days … Nationals: Palomo and Maria Ke Fisherman.

International illustrators: Saul Bass, Niklaus Troxle, David Shrigley, Daniel Clowes and Miguel Brieva. Nationals: Sawe, Olga Capdevilla and Nano4814.

Time to say goodbye, do you want to leave us an exclusive?

In about a week we launched a capsule collection in Outsiders Division called Sport, we will also renew the website with a lot of new content and the shoes will be on sale. On the other hand, I’m working on another project with Lazy Oaf and some other thing that I cant reveal yet.