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Concept Pa – Artisanal bread

At Concept Pa, there are never two breads the same, every piece is hand-rolled and unique.

Concept Pa – Artisanal bread

At Bacoa, we have three kinds of homemade bread, elaborated following traditional recipes: White Classic, Wholemeal Light and an excellent Brioche (based on eggs, milk and butter).

Believe us when we say that getting a good hamburger bun is more complicated than most people think: it must be balanced, compact and soft at the same time. It’s taken years of tasting and testing with our friends at Concept but we think we have found it!

Jordi Nomen, founded Concept Pa in 2009, after having worked for years in a family bakery. Since then, he has elaborated a great variety of breads, with incredible attention to the little details like flavor, smell and texture. In his kitchen, there are no molding machines or any kinds of additives.

For the team at Concept Pa, the secret is the quality of the ingredients and respecting the kneading and proofing time for the dough. Nowadays, most bread is a large-scale industrial process where the reduction of cost is the only goal. Therefore, moving bread away from its traditional recipe and elaboration and turning it into something tasteless and boring.

There is no secret: water, flour and yeast. Unlike what usually happens in large chains, every bun gets hand rolled and we only use ingredients that you don’t need a scientist to explain. The goal of Jordi is more honest: getting back to the original bread, the one that our grandmothers used to bake, the one that woke up our taste buds just by smelling it!