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Cariño & Bacoa

They met on Tinder, and they didn't fall in love but in affection.

Cariño & Bacoa

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They met on Tinder, and they didn’t fall in love but in affection.

A river of beer to get started and heating up the vocal cords. Our grill heats up hundreds of succulent burgers. At the same time, the angry sun also heats up the nape of the white-skin people that came out of the cave after the hibernation. If you have ever been in the Parc del Fórum in any edition of Primavera Sound, you already know what we are talking about. This year, we have participated again in this festival feeding the youngsters and there we could meet one of the nicest groups with the best vibes that we have seen in the last years: Cariño.

First thing is first: congratulations on your first operational year as “Cariño”. This project is teething and once it bites, it infects you and makes you cariñodependent. What would be your assessment of this year?

It’s been a great year: we had a really good time, and although we also had pretty shitty moments, we’ve learned a lot at all levels. We’ve grown fast and we’ve been under a lot of pressure because we had to be up to a level that we didn’t have, but we proved that we could do it with work and effort. It’s also been the year where we have achieved unbelievable things. We are very happy. 

Alicia, voice and bass, Paola, guitar, and María, voice and keys. Emh…. and the drums?

In the beginning, we rehearsed at Martin Spangle’s house, our producer, to not bother the neighbours. But we have always thought about Cariño with drum machine. It’s easier to be 3 people, although Paola is a drum player.

Come on, tell us again about the story of Tinder…

María and Paola met years ago on Tinder (although maybe it was on Brenda. I just know that it was a free app) and, although they didn’t fall in love, they fell in affection.

Cariño & Bacoa

You look as if you've never harmed a fly... but, nope, we don't buy it. Who is the most destroyer one when partying? Who picks up more? Who has more tattoos?

The one that goes out most may be Alicia, but she's not the most destroyer one. The one that picks up more, María and the one with more tattoos, Paola.

Photos by María Caparrós (cover) and Diego Jiménez.

Cariño & Bacoa

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There finally seems to be a generational change in music and you are the leaders of the new indie pop anthems. Challenge or blessing?

If what you’re saying it’s true, then blessing. It’s never been our goal, but obviously we made an effort to be heard. It’s great and natural that so many bands are being created within this trend.

Your cover of C. Tangana was a real hit. Did he give you any feedback?

At first, we ask for his permission to release it. Although to be honest, we had already sent it to Spotify even without his “OK”. Even so, he said “yes” and Alizzz commented on YouTube “Better than the original” and C. Tangana also left us a comment on IG: “That’s ittt”.

You talk about tontipop but your project is more complex than all of that. A very studied sound with simple and direct lyrics, and a lot of aim. What inspires you?

Not that studied. The songs came out fairly quickly and without too much trouble. You can definitely tell the contribution of each one of us and of Martín Spangle in the sound. There are lyrics that speak about our own stories or stories of people very close to us. Actual stories, sad at first, but with a lot of humour and irony. That’s actually our defence mechanism in life.

What names did you have in your blue folder?

Alicia: DVD of Los Serrano
Paola: old pictures of Robinho with Ana, surrounded by hearts <3
María: Emma Watson, that’s how I realised that I liked girls more than usual.

If you could be born again, ¿where and in what decade would you do it?

Alicia: I would go to 2070 to see how Madrid is by then.
Paola: I would be born in the 1990s again in the United Kingdom
María: Victorian era because I used to be a freak of novels set in that era.

I’m sure you have a lot of cariño to share, so, lastly, what was your essential band of PS19?

A lot of them! Clairo, Él mató a un Policía Motorizado with Amaia, Cuco, Boy Pablo, Miley Cyrus…

Cariño & Bacoa

Don’t miss out the playlist that the girls of Cariño have prepared with their favourite songs.