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Our vegan burgers!

Gran Vegano and Quinoa: two brutal vegan burgers!

Our vegan burgers!

Gran Vegano

Chickpea and spinach burger. Do you want to prepare it at home? Discover our recipe.

Our vegan burgers!


Beetroot and quinoa burger. Our Summer Special!

Our menu hides surprises that not many have dared to try. Perhaps because the vegan burgers that you can find are usually bland and tasteless. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. At Bacoa, we want to offer alternatives to meat that are up to scratch in every aspect and we believe that we’ve made it with our vegan burgers: Gran Vegano and Quinoa.

Our Gran Vegano is already a classic among our customers. Made of chickpeas and spinach with avocado and homemade tomato chutney, a “Must Try” if you come to Bacoa. The Quinoa is made of quinoa and beetroot, and accompanied by our BBQ sauce, grilled beets and vegan homemade “alioli”.

For vegetarians, we recommend trying the redbean, vegetarian red bean burger, with roasted red pepper and sour cream.

They are all delicious, full of colour and flavor. We’re silencing the critics, proving that vegetables can also taste awesome by using fresh and natural ingredients cooked by hand with a lot of love. So give our vegan burgers a try at any of our gourmet burger restaurants in Barcelona, Salamanca y Tarragona, for a tasty surprise!