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Asis Percales & Bacoa

"We are at a time where the quality of your work is counted by your followers"

For the latest edition of our Fanzine, we had the pleasure of collaborating with the artist Asis Percales, who has prepared one of the bests covers so far, as well as an exclusive cap with Laser Barcelona.

In his artwork we find a lot of nature, colour, animals, and diverse characters, always with a bizarre twist. Fresh, bold, and a bit wild. We are crazy about Asis’ unique style.

Tell us: where does the name Percales come from?

In Spanish, “percal” means “mess”, something without any visible order. I think this really represents me.

Your style is very unique and special, you define it as fresh, grotesque, and erotically festive art. How did you develop it?

Well, in the end it’s all about drawing and drawing, your hand gets used to a specific way of working that characterises you. The interesting thing is to search into your references, experiences, and start creating your own “percal”.

Who would you say are your references?

My references are people who try to make life more beautiful. On the artistic level, I’ve always liked Egon Schiele, Edward Gorey, James Ensor, Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar, Sergio Mora, Ricardo Cavolo, Cecilia (the one from Ecce Homo).

You mention that you are into the grotesque and bizarre, where does this taste for the genuine come from?

This is something that I’ve always liked, and I don’t really know where it comes from. I guess that it helps that my parents are cousins. A big hug to them.

Asis Percales & Bacoa

In your imagination we find a lot of nature, animals, characters from the circus, religious icons… what else inspires you?

Actually, everything. Inspiration is like a soup: you chuck things in, you stir it, a pinch of salt, and it’s ready to eat.

Speaking of inspiration, what was in your head when you designed the Fanzine cover?

I was thinking of something fresh, with good vibes, that reflected my style as well as Bacoas’.

You do a bit of everything: Murals, jewellery, pottery, clothes, you even have your own book “Manual del pintamonas” [The dauber’s manual], what’s next?

Record my own pasodoble album.

You have a few thousand followers on Instagram, how has this tool helped you in your job?

It really helped me and it’s a very important platform right now for me to show my artwork, but everything has a good and a bad side. We are at a time where the quality of your work is counted by your followers. It has happened to me that some projects didn’t go ahead because at that time I had fewer followers than the editorial was expecting, and that’s very frustrating. Kids, social media rots your brain.

To wrap up, if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bacoa burgers, and not because I’m on their payroll hahaha. I love paella, and I cook really good lentils. BON APETIT!