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Things to do in La Barceloneta

"Alleyways of facades obscured by saltpetre and the humidity of the sea, full of life and history"

Barceloneta is one of the most popular and characteristic neighbourhoods in Barcelona. What we like most is without a doubt, Barceloneta beach, the oldest and one of the most extensive beaches in the city. It may not be what we understand as an idyllic beach, but it does have everything you need to take a good dip, enjoy the sun and even catch a wave on the biggest days.

Besides that, it´s only a 10-minute walk from the centre or metro station, and very few European cities can brag about being so close to the sea! Many people don’t know but it’s reclaimed land, located on Maians Island, already buried by time and sand.

Things to do in La Barceloneta

But not everything is beach, beach and beach. This neighbourhood has a lot more to offer. Who’s never been lost in it’s narrow and peculiar streets? Alleyways of facades obscured by saltpetre and humidity of the sea, full of life and history. Buildings over 200 years old, small churches and family shops give this Barcelona neighbourhood a unique charm. But above all, it’s authentic people, who venture out and battle the sea looking for a good fishing day, who take their chairs to the front door to get some fresh air with their neighbours and even defend their own flag.

As well as its streets, Barceloneta has several places to visit, such as the Museum of the History of Catalonia or the Clock Tower, built in 1772 and formerly used as a lighthouse. Also, if you go through its streets, it´s more than likely that you will see old modernist style buildings such as Josep Magret house.

There are still several traditional bars and coffees shops, perfect for a café or good “tapas”, already lost in other touristic areas. Remember if you want to eat a good grilled burger, with a sea view, then the mandatory stop is undoubtedly Bacoa Barceloneta, on C / Judici 15.