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5 tips for foodies

Like all of us, burgers also have a good side.

Food photography has become a trend, who doesn’t follow a food blogger or who hasn’t ever used the #foodporn hashtag? There’re a lot of marketing tricks to make a dish look much more appealing than it really is and we’ve all been disappointed or fallen victim to false advertising at some point.

At Bacoa, we use real food, without hours of Photoshop. We simply take pictures of the food as it leaves the kitchen, as any customer would. Here are our tips for taking amazing shots.


5 tips for foodies
5 tips for foodies
5 tips for foodies
5 tips for foodies
5 tips for foodies

1.- The Lighting

Find a window with good natural light, but be careful not to let the sunlight directly touch the food or you will get shadows. Smooth and lateral light is better, the details will be more visible. Avoid fluorescent lights, especially the cameras flash.

2.- Focus and background

If you want the food to be the feature, avoid over decorated backgrounds, try to keep it as simple and neutral as possible, for example a wood table or a brick wall. As you get closer to the food, the background becomes more blurred and details become more visible.

3.-Point of view

Like all of us, burgers also have a good side. Move the plate and try different angles of view when shooting. From the side, from above… Shoot as much as you want!

4.-The composition.

Find the frame that best highlights the dish. Play with symmetry and perspective. Don’t lose sight of the little details and try to photograph all the ingredients.


Not to put pressure on you but… be quick! Try to have the table tidy and choose the background before you get the burger. There’s two reasons for this: one, cold food is not so photogenic (cheese dries and meat loses its shine) and two, (most importantly) you’ll want to eat it warm, right?

Let’s go! It’s time to put this into practice and prove you can take great pics. We organize a weekly contest on our social media sites, just upload your picture with #BacoaVsFakes and you could win dinner for two at Bacoa and, at the end of the year, the best picture will win a professional camera valued at € 1,000.